We’ve measured the charge!

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We attached a voltmeter to the copper and zinc rod when held by a person, and we measured a charge! It was between 1.8 and 2.2 volts. It varied with the amount of skin pressed against the rods. We got the same level of charge when against a person’s clothing, it just took a moment more to build up. This charge did not happen when rods were not against a person’s body. Despite the galvanic potential of the metals the need a living being (or some electrolyte fluid) to draw a charge. 

Acupuncture meridians are now known to be lines of micro electric conductance along lines of skin, muscle fascia and bone. Their frequencies are around the level of charge that the rods draw into your body, making them a healing tool of potential if used on acupuncture meridians.


My Etsy Shop

Screenshot-10I sell the rods on Etsy. Here’s a link (click here). I also coach people on making their own. I have had about 60 people over the last year communicate with me about the rods. Some made their own after buying some to have a larger set. Some wanted to tell me about how the rods have helped them. A few people use them to lessen pain in their hips and back. One person uses them to cure headaches. The technology is so simple it seems unbelievable. If you try them you will be surprised.


Watch this space for more designs and testimonials!

This is the second version, a redesign of the rods based on feedback and study. We made the rods longer, the magnet bigger and recommend two copper rods for every one zinc.

People have reported holding them doing tai chi, sitting on them to meditate. A treatment many people liked was putting one copper on top of your head, one copper under your feet and the zinc rod against your coccyx. They bring a mild ambient charge from the earth that is relaxing and nourishing.

These work great! They make your body into a battery that draws a charge from the earth. Subtle, but very healing!

Hold the zinc rod in your left hand and put the two copper rods against your back as you lay down. A subtle but deeply relaxing and healing charge goes through right away. Perhaps you put the two copper rods under your feet….

A home made version based on some technology the ancient Egyptians used. Tibetan Buddhist Dorjes were also made out of separate copper and zinc a long time ago. too!

8″ by 3/4″ copper and zinc rods used for amplifying your body’s natural charge. Copper rod is filled with carbonite, zinc rod contains a strong neodymium magnet.

The two copper rod package can still be held in the palms of your hands to amplify your body’s natural charge for meditation. The extra rod makes it possible to use them more effectively against other body parts, together. They release tension, draw energy into your body and nurture health. Many, many people have testified a large difference after two days of using these.

Research now exists showing that acupuncture meridians, the basis of Chinese medicine, are lines of electrical impedance along skin, muscle, bone and fascia. Computers, power lines and other electrical devices can diminish these small electrical charges. Bio Charge Rods increase your voltaic potential.

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